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Employees - Staff Data
Affiliate Info - Program Data
Quality - Supervisors Handbook, APR Portal, Parent Satisfaction Survey
Logos - Logo Guidelines, logos.
Affiliate Renewal

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Logic Model
Essential Requirements Summary
PAT Quality Standards
Quality Assurance Guidelines

TA Briefs - check often for updates

Tools for Ongoing Monitoring of Fidelity and Quality:

Quality Assurance Blueprint
Personal Visit Observation Tool
Personal Visit Snapshot 
Group Connections Observation Tool
File Review Tool
Core Competencies Self- Assessment
Affiliate Performance Report (APR)
Performance Measurement Report (PMR)
Affiliate Updates

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ConnPAT - Connecticut Parents as Teachers

​PAT Affiliate Updates and PATNews  are available on your PAT Portal each month. 

PAT National technical assistance webinars are held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 11EST and are recorded and available the following week.  If you are not receiving emails from Allison Lamont of the National PAT regarding live or recorded access, please contact her at

ConnPAT is available by email or phone as needed. 

NEW:  As of 2017, there will be requirements for those providing technical assistance to PAT programs and staff.  Specifics to follow.

Model Fidelity Update:

Next step in determining continuing affiliate status for programs will be a review of each completed 2015-16 APR to ensure that programs are meeting the essential requirements of the PAT model.  The 2015-16 APR contains areas that will show compliance with that design and measure areas of service delivery.  These are important steps towards the Endorsement process which began in 2015 for selected affiliates and will continue into 2016.  

The affiliates that do not meet the essential requirements will be assisted in developing a plan for compliance. 

Navigating the PAT Portal for Parent Educators: